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Indian Political Makers is a specialised political consultancy agency and provide all the services to political parties and candidates who are contesting in the elections.Our organisation with around of 30 ears experienced psephologists and strategists and associates are colectively working for winning our clients in elctions in India.even we began IPM in 2020, out experts have more than 30 years experience in political strategy making, political campaigning management, social media and digital media marketing and assembly constituency political management and loksabha constituency political management. for more details of our services visit services page.

Integrated constituency management
Poltical co-ordiantion of constituencies
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Premium Services

Our Best Services

Indian political makers offering a wide range of services including integrated constituency political management and political strategy management.

Jubilee Mebership
Jubilee memebrship is for loksabha constituency integrated political management. it includes all the political survey ans political camapaighn managemnt and political strategy management and poll strategy and from the begenning to winning of candidate is our strategy.
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Premier Memebership
Premier memebership is for assembly constituency integrated development. It rovide all the services for candidate or political party regarding assembly constituency regarding political survey, strategy planning, campaighning and from beganning to  winning of the candidate is our strategy.
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Indian Political makers succesfully providing political co-ordination for assembly constituencies and parleiment cosntituencies at state level only.
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Total political Solutions

Innovative Stategy

Generally in politics every contesting candidate in elections and political party works in field level and explain their manifesto and policies. But people choose only selective in elections. Because of not have image on those candidate and credibility of such leader and approach on the people and their view on their constituency whether it is Assembly or Loksabha elections. Ours Indian Political Makers provide a wide range of experts guidance for their political camapainging and Innovative strategy for their winning depend upon the political situations in the cnstituency or in the state. We have a wide range of experts and political strategists will guide time to time with Innovative strategy for absollute winning of the candidates.

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Our Team Members

Our Successful Team

Indian political Makers have a wide range of political strategists in India who have more than 25years and work experience in the psephologists in India whao have around of 30 years of experience and our strategists and associates spreaded all over the India and in all the states working from 2001 mainly in political strategy. In these some few that we are giving at here.

We Provide Services

Services For your success in politics & elections

INDIAN POLITICALMAKERS is a total political consultancy agency which is provide a wide range of total political consultancy services.We provide integrated constituency political consultancy services,  political strategy consultancy services,  political co-ordination services and online political consultancy services and political survey consultancy services and electioneering and management services. Our ewxperts have a verstile experience in the psephology and political strategy more than 30years. Our team provide wide range of services in all the states in India and at national level also. Our services provide to candidates who are contesting in elections and  service to aprty on behalf of their political party based only. we never provide services for all the persons who are politically  non-serious candidates. We have a systematic strategy for making success of a candidate in elections.

  There is no doubt about it it that ou Indian political Mkares is a right organisation for right leaders for their success for winning in the elctions and for servicng to people and government.


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Political Strategy
Indian political makers provide political strategy services to political parties and candidates.
Political Management
Indian political Mkers provide Political management consultancy services to candidates at constituency level and state level
Political             Co-ordiantion
Indian Political Makers provide political co-ordination services to political parties at district and state level only.
24x7 Support
Indian political Makers provide  24x7 complete support to our clients c for electioneering once we committ for service